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stands for Building Management Systems which was founded in 1998 to be a provider of Facility Management and Building Information Technology, According to the increased demand of smart systems in modern facilities, the need for professionals to afford the optimum performance through integrating fire alarm, access control, zone monitoring and data logging is a must

Effective management of manufacturing facilities is an important consideration for pharmaceutical / biopharmaceutical companies, particularly in an era of plant consolidation, restructuring, and a need to maintain of achieve higher returns on capital.

Depending upon the well trained and qualified staff, B.M.S. Inc. was established to fill the gap exists in market because of the different protocols used for data communications and also to fulfill all the smart buildings demands based upon the varying demands for different facilities and different clients.

Our staff can deal with different complicated systems from several manufacturers such as:

  • Johnson Controls International (JCI)
  • Schneider
  • Honeywell

B.M.S. Inc. is Johnson Controls International partner in Egypt and other specialized companies that serve the field of pharmaceutical facility management, control and monitoring; many projects carried out all over the country and also residential smart buildings (five stars hotels, resorts, office buildings, ,...etc.).

The increasingly demanding requirements of production processes make it necessary to use suitable installations that guarantee final product quality. The experience acquired over these twenty years in the clean room field enable us to provide the best and widest variety of solutions, depending on customer and needs.

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